Arata Isozaki (Oita, Jpan 1931 - )


Architect.Born in Oita prefecture in 1931. Graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1954. In 1961 completed Doctorate course in Architecture at the University of Tokyo. In 1963 established Isozaki Arata & Associates. Lectured at the University of Tokyo, UCLA, Harvard University and Columbia University as a visiting professor and also acted as a judge in main international competitions. Takes part in symposiums, lectures, architectural exhibitions, fine art exhibitions and private exhibitions all around the world.
As well as being an architect, Arata Isozaki works in many fields such as philosophy, art, design, cinematography, theatre and others. He is enthusiastic about expressing his architectural concepts on paper. Since 1977 he has made over 200 print works Toki no Wasuremono is publishing the series called "120 Invisible Cities" including his original prints and his essays. Please contact for further infomation.

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