Alfonso Zárate (Mexico 2-22-1976 - )


Zárate was born in Mexico City in 1976 and later received a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the National School of Fine Arts UNAM. His work is recognized for its stark social and anthropological qualities that contextualize an ongoing field research of marginality from which Zárate acquires his materials and artifacts. His works are created from these mediums that force us to reflect on the real stories of a specific community in Mexico City. As an artistic proposal and methodology, the artist works and lives in the streets of the neighborhoods of Tepito and Colonia Guerrero, where he observes his surroundings, speaks with women, children, and men who are survivors of these streets—individuals who are at the edge of the complex social chain: outlaws, beggars, bandits, hitmen, drug dealers, addicts, alcoholics, hookers. These marginalized figures confide in him their stories and experiences.

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