Alanna Airitam (Queens, New York, 1971 - )


As a self-taught fine art photographer, Alanna Airitam (b. 1971, Queens, NY) creates portraits that help shift stagnant (and often negative) narratives about communities of color and other misrepresented and/or underrepresented people. Using photography as her delivery system, she offers the audience a look into a reality that is not based upon the limiting constraints of narrow media messaging about people of color but instead offers a glimpse into her belief about the necessity and beauty of diversity in culture. Airitam has recently participated in the San Diego Art Institute exhibition titled ABOUT-FACE. She was also the subject of a short film titled “Haarlem to Harlem” about The Golden Age and has been featured in numerous publications, podcasts and speaking events around the subject of representation of people of color in the arts.

Work Selection

 Alanna Airitam - Queen Mary, 2017

Queen Mary, 2017

 Alanna Airitam - Saint Lenox, 2017

Saint Lenox, 2017